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Stereo Chorus-Vibrato SCV-1

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Meet the AXiom Stereo Chorus-Vibrato SCV-1:  The ultimate 100% analog bucket brigade chorus/vibrato/doubler pedal.  The SCV-1 was designed by reverse engineering 14 of the greatest modulation effects of the past 40+ years and distilling the best of their traits into one pedal... with some additional, long-needed expanded capabilities for good measure.  From the most subtle chorus to rich and deep sinusoidal modulation, from natural vibrato to radical warble, from classic '70s and '80s chorus to modern sounds - if you have a chorus or vibrato sound in your head, chances are the SCV-1 can make it.

The SCV-1 features an extended RATE control (sloooow to ridiculously fast), a SWEEP control that allows you to adjust the oscillation type gradually from square wave to sine wave to triangular, a WIDTH (delay time) control that adjusts the base modulation delay of the effected signal (allowing you to recreate "tight" CE-1 style chorus all the way to modern "wide" chorus sounds), LEFT and RIGHT channel effect level controls that go from dry to maximum chorus to pure pitch vibrato, and BASS and TREBLE controls that determine how much modulation is applied to bass and treble frequencies (unlike simple tone controls that merely adjust the tone).  The result is a chorus/vibrato pedal that is supremely capable at clean, dirty, rhythm, lead or bass guitar.  The BASS control can be set for full frequency chorus all the way down into the lower registers or to apply chorus only to higher frequencies while keeping lower note fundamentals minimally effected for solid rhythm and bass guitar playing (so you don't get nauseous a minute into the song).  The TREBLE control can be set for a sparkling and chimey top-end for acoustic and clean guitar playing or dial it back to emulate the warmer sounding choruses of the 1970s or to eliminate the notorious shattering glass sound choruses can get when playing heavily distorted lead guitar (all without darkening your overall tone).

If you run a stereo rig the SCV-1 is a dream come true - it was designed to be the most versatile 100% analog stereo chorus/vibrato/doubler pedal on the market, capable of producing anything from a subtle hint of space to the widest, most dramatic stereo spread available.  The LEFT and RIGHT controls allow you to adjust the left and right channels independently - so you can have chorus in both channels (true stereo "motionless" chorus), pure vibrato in one channel and dry in the other (wet/dry chorus), vibrato in both channels (180 degrees out of phase), or dry in one channel and time-delayed with no modulation in the other (stereo doubling).  At slower RATE settings it can create a huge doubling effect without sounding "chorusy" or you can apply straight unmodulated delay to only one channel (from less than 1ms to 20ms) for stereo doubling and creating the phase interactions you'd get from multiple mics or two separately mic'ed speaker cabinets... and in this application the BASS and TREBLE controls can be used to adjust the low and high roll-offs of the delayed channel for slightly different voicings.  Plus, it acts as a completely transparent buffered stereo splitter in bypass mode.  Sound too good to be true?  It isn't.

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • Transparent buffered bypass - stereo splitter in bypass mode
  • Matching color LED indicator so you can see which pedal is on even on a dark stage
  • Individually handmade