• PAE-1 Update: Increased input headroom

    I'm in the process of making a late addition to the input configuration of the PAE-1.  From now on, the PAE-1 will have a max input of about 63Vac ...
  • PAE-1 Update

    Capacitors and remaining small components placed.  Switches next.
  • PAE-1 Update

    Some components placed and soldered.  More to come...
  • AXiom Omega-Vibe OV-1 - last unit sold

    The last OV-1 that I referred to in the previous post is sold.  There'll be another batch when I get on top of PAE-1 orders. :)
  • AXiom Omega-Vibe OV-1 - one unit for sale

    I discovered today that I still have one of the original Omega-Vibe OV-1 units (first batch, unit #4) on my shelf and never listed it on the AXiom ...
  • PAE-1s ready to ship

    The next batch of PAE-1s are ready to ship.  Emails have gone out to the next people on the list so, if that's you, CHECK YOUR SPAM folder just in ...
  • PAE-1 Update

    Wait list emails will be going out over the next few days...
  • PAE-1 Update

    Enclosures ready to be drilled.
  • PAE-1 Update

      Resistors, caps, transistors, etc in place.  Looking good.
  • PAE-1 update

    Sorry about the lousy photo quality.  These were taken with a webcam just for the sake of this update and to test the "news" blog.  Coming along......
  • Shopify shipping

    Shopify shipping has been down for several days now.  If you get a "Shipping not available to your address" error during checkout, contact me throu...
  • PAE-1 v2 next batch underway

    The next batch of Power Amp Emulators have been started and should be ready in 1-2 weeks.