About Us

AXiom Effects was born out of frustration with the existing instrument effects industry.  Not that there aren't some great, even legendary, effects out there.  But haven't we all wished our favourite pedals had something more?  Perhaps more gain, more range, more controls, less noise, etc?  Why hasn't anyone made a tube power amp emulator?  Why do speaker cab emulators not match the response of any real speaker cabinet I've ever seen?  Why do dirt pedals seem to either not have enough gain or they're too wooly or thin in the bottom end?

So I decided to design them myself.  My name is Casey.  I'm an electrical engineer with over 20 years in the industry as a systems engineer, a design engineer in the auto industry, and as an adjunct professor at a major university.  I have a PhD in electrical engineering (power electronics, intelligent controls and electric machines), a Masters in mechanical engineering (so I can screw enclosures together), a Bachelors in electrical engineering, and a B.Sc. in physics and applied math.

But before I was a geek I played guitar and other instruments and I've been doing that for over 35 years.  It was only a matter of time until my electronics background got focused on music gear.

It's not my intent to sell a lot of pedals to a lot of people.  AXiom Effects are intended for people who are experienced enough to appreciate what they have to offer and can get the most out of them.  Each one is a significant evolution of their type of pedal.  They are completely handmade here in my workshop, from the circuit design to the silkscreened graphics.