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How much more classic Americana can you get than a good tremolo effect?  I'm sure the state troopers ask for the driver's license and proof of tremolo pedal of every person they pull over on Route 66.  Well, not really, but... perhaps you don't even care about vintage style tremolo, you just want a full-featured and damn good one.  We've got the bases covered.

The AXiom Classic Tremolo CT-1 is an optical tremolo designed to produce the classic tremolo of the vintage tube amps and analog pedals but with extended SPEED, DEPTH and LEVEL ranges and the ability to shape the tremolo response just about any way you wish.  The SHAPE control allows you to adjust the effect from the choppy pulse of the neon bulb tremolos of the 1960s "blackface" amps, to the smooth swampy sine wave oscillation of the bias-shifting tremolos of early Fender, Vox and Marshall amps, to the triangular waveform used in classic stompbox tremolo pedals.  There's also a RAMP control that lets you tailor how dramatic the tremolo effect is, from "normal" right up to all-out square wave on-off oscillation.  The LEVEL control balances your tremolo signal with your bypassed volume and can double as a completely transparent clean boost with the DEPTH control dialed back (or use it as a very loud tremolo if that's what you want); and it has a speed range that can go from ocean tide slow to flutter fast.  Plus, it has a BULB SKEW control that allows you to adjust the oscillation character from that of an incandescent bulb through neutral (symmetrical thermal response) to a neon bulb.

The AXiom Classic Tremolo CT-1 was designed for tremolo aficionados who want the ability to authentically cover the best classic tremolos yet also produce their own modern tremolo effects on demand, with the tweakability and modern features a serious musician needs.

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • True bypass
  • Matching color LED indicator so you can see which pedal is on even on a dark stage