Fuzz Preamp FP-1

Fuzz Preamp FP-1

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The AXiom Fuzz Preamp FP-1 combines the best characteristics of the classic fuzz pedals with the same tweakability, extended gain range and versatility as our other pedals in the "Preamp" line.  At its heart, the Fuzz Preamp has a silicon transistor-based fuzz stage that has all the huge transistor clipping and reactivity to your picking dynamics and guitar volume control that the best fuzz pedals are known for.  But you aren't limited to just silicon character fuzz - the FP-1 utilizes a "sliding bias" GAIN control and transistor current sourcing to replicate the sound and behaviour of germanium transistors as well.  Silicon mode is designed to replicate the massive compression and "exploding amp" sound of BC108 silicon transistor fuzzes and Germanium mode replicates the smoother, glassier character of classic NKT275 germanium transistor fuzzes.

The internal cascaded preamp section has been adapted from the AXiom Overdrive Preamp OP-1 and extends the capabilities of the Fuzz Preamp from not only producing harmonic-rich, classic transistor fuzz but also the sound and gain levels of a fuzz pedal driving a tube amp, with singing sustain and compression that traditional fuzz pedals cannot achieve by themselves.  Dial back the GAIN control and you have classic fuzz, or crank the GAIN and MIDs for the sound of a fuzz pedal pushing a crunchy tube amp.  Dial the FUZZ control back and use the GAIN and BASS controls along with the "dirty" MIDs circuitry to produce an amp-like overdrive on it's own.

With the AXiom Fuzz Preamp you can have the huge, compressed fuzz of pushed-to-the-max silicon transistors, the classic thickness and warmth of germanium transistors (without the inconsistencies and sensitivity to room temperature), the sound of a fuzz pedal pushing a crunchy amp, or a light-to-medium gain overdrive pedal.  Plus it has input and output buffers that "play nice" with your other effects pedals, while still cleaning up with your guitar's volume control like traditional bufferless fuzz pedals.  That's a lot of pedal at your foot.

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • Transistor-based fuzz
  • Si and Ge modes that replicate the characterisitcs of silicon and germanium transistor fuzz pedals.
  • 4558-based overdrive preamp section
  • "Sliding bias" GAIN control that adds 10dB of gain to the signal hitting the preamp section and alters the bias of the fuzz transistors to produce more even or odd-order harmonics as the GAIN is adjusted.
  • "Dirty" MIDs control that adds soft clipping to the mid and high-mid frequencies for authentic amp-like overdrive tones.
  • Individually handmade
  • True bypass