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Fuzz Preamp FP-1

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The AXiom Fuzz Preamp FP-1 combines the best characteristics of the classic fuzz pedals with the same tweakability, extended gain range and versatility as our other pedals in the "Preamp" line.  At its heart, the Fuzz Preamp has a transistor-based fuzz stage that has all the huge transistor clipping and reactivity to your picking dynamics and guitar volume control that the best fuzz pedals are known for.  It also features a modified gain control design and TREBLE control voicing that allows you to selectively dial in both the warmth and sensitivity of germanium transistor fuzzes or the harder edge and clarity of silicon fuzzes. 

The cascaded PREAMP section has been adapted from the Overdrive Preamp OP-1 and extends the capabilities of the Fuzz Preamp from not only producing harmonic-rich, classic transistor fuzz but also the sound and gain levels of a fuzz pedal driving a tube preamp, with singing sustain and compression that traditional fuzz pedals cannot achieve by themselves.  Furthermore, the PREAMP circuitry along with the BASS control was purposefully designed to be a stand-alone overdrive of its own.  If you dial the FUZZ control back and just use the PREAMP control for gain the FP-1 becomes a light-to-medium gain overdrive pedal.  If you're a fan of fuzz, overdrive or just damn good guitar tone, the AXiom Fuzz Preamp FP-1 is a lot of pedal at your foot.

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • True bypass
  • Transistor-based fuzz
  • 4558-based overdrive preamp section