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Overdrive Preamp OP-1

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The AXiom Overdrive Preamp OP-1 was designed to be the most capable, versatile, yet simple to use 100% analog overdrive pedal on the market.  It can go from a transparent clean boost to a traditionally-voiced overdrive to a full-on high gain metal preamp with the turn of a few knobs.

The OVERDRIVE control delivers classic overdrive tones, while the PREAMP control dials in a cascaded tube amp-like preamp section - it's like a vintage overdrive pedal and tube preamp in one.  Along with carefully voiced BASS, MID and TREBLE tone circuitry, the OP-1 can produce a vast range of light to crunchy to tube-melting overdriven tube amp sounds.  It can be clean, fat, tight, mild or brutal depending on how you dial it in.  Use it as you would a traditional overdrive pedal or as an "amp in a box" type preamp.  The OP-1 is equally at home driving a tube amp into saturation as it is at making a sterile solid-state amp sound like a cranked tube head or a warm old tweed.  From country to blues to metal, the OP-1 was designed to be the ultimate analogy overdrive/preamp pedal.

  • True bypass
  • 100% analog circuitry
  • 4558-based overdrive sections
  • Matching color LED indicator so you can see which pedal is on even on a dark stage

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