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Classic OTA-based feedback type compressor pedals (i.e. the MXR Dyna Comp and all its clones and variations - Ross, Boss CS-2, Keeley, Wampler Ego Compressor, Barber Tone Press and countless others) are classics for a reason.  Despite all the technically superior compressors available today, the 'original' design has a dynamic, organic nature that many renowned guitarists love and practically can't live without.  It's like an instrument in itself.  You've heard it everywhere from the Nashville sound to the heaviest of metal.

But time moves on and by today's standards a top-notch stompbox compressor is expected to have more than two or three controls.  Even the modified Dyna Comp/Ross/CS-2 boutique pedals usually don't have more than a mislabeled "attack" control (that's actually a release) and perhaps a blend feature.  They also tend to be noticeably "effecty" - subtle is something the Dyna Comp/Ross clones don't do too well.  Some designs address this by using optical circuits, which are more transparent, but they usually fall short on all-out "squash" and sustain.  Modern, full-featured studio compressors usually feature independent attack, release, threshold, ratio and level controls... but they also tend to sound disappointingly flat and sterile when you plug a guitar or bass into them (hint: they were never designed to be instrument compressors).  Why can't you just have it all?  Why doesn't someone make a compressor for guitar and bass that has all the standard features of a studio compressor, can give you a transparent sustain boost while not sounding over-the-top, but can still react, sustain, squash and level just like a classic Ross when you want it to?

Well, meet the AXiom Classic Compressor CC-1.  It's an OTA-based feedback type compressor pedal that was developed specifically to bridge the gap between the classic stompbox compressors and the quality and features of a studio compressor.  It reacts to your playing just like the best Dyna Comp/Ross/CS-2 pedals did, but has extended control ranges and independent true ATTACK, RELEASE, RATIO/blend, SENSITIVITY (threshold), INPUT and GAIN controls.  You can go from mild, transparent optical-like compression (with your tone and pick attack completely preserved) to all-out squash and sustain beyond what even the best of the classics could provide.  It has an INPUT control that allows you to use it with even the hottest active humbuckers to low-output vintage single coils, a GAIN stage with enough output to push your amp or other pedals, and it has none of the "pumping" effect that feedback type compressors are prone to when they have their attack set high (which is why attack is often set permanently fast internally in these types of compressors).  Classic compression at modern standards.

  • Classic 100% analog OTA-based compression at modern performance standards
  • Full-range true Attack, Release, Ratio (blend) and Sensitivity (threshold) controls
  • Complete dynamics control - from transparent sustain to insane squash and compression
  • Matching color LED indicator so you can see which pedal is on even on a dark stage
  • True bypass