AXiom Phase-Vibe PV-1 graphics
AXiom Phase-Vibe PV-1 graphics

Phase-Vibe PV-1

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The AXiom Phase-Vibe PV-1 is the result of almost 30 years of searching for the perfect phase shifter.  You know, a phaser that captures all the classic swirl of the famous 'holy grail' phasers of the 1970's and '80s but without the low-headroom distortion that classic JFET-based phasers are notoriously plagued by.  One that has the expanded features and controls of a modern effect and also a true bypass that doesn't suck tone.  One that can sit in the background to give your sound subtle texture or be used as an all-out spacey effect.  One that can do clean funk, Hendrix-style blues or screaming distorted leads equally well.  And one that can do all this without requiring a degree in digital instrumentation to operate.  Well, the search was a long, frustrating one because although there are plenty of fine phasers out there, very few have everything in one package.  So we decided to create the ultimate 100% analog phase shifter ourselves.

The AXiom Phase-Vibe PV-1 is designed to be that ultimate phaser effect.  It combines industry standard 4-stage phase shifting (as established by the MXR Phase 90, EHX Small Stone, Boss PH-1r, etc) with the smooth frequency sweep and low distortion of optical phasers.  It gives you extended control over the oscillation SPEED, DEPTH, RESonance (internal feedback level) and sweep CENTER frequency, and it features a MIX control that lets you dial in anything from a completely dry signal to a pure vibrato effect (that's the "vibe" part of the Phase-Vibe).  The PV-1 sweep speed can be adjusted from 75 milliseconds (i.e. faaasst) to 12.5 seconds (i.e. slooow) and can produce phasing from under 30 Hz (below low-B on a 6-string bass) to over 15 kHz (about as high as the human ear can detect phasing)... and, of course, all your favourite classic settings in between.  It also allows you to adjust the oscillation character gradually from square wave, through sinusoidal, to traditional phaser triangular modulation.  And the LEVEL control is purposefully designed to double as an input trim, so that even the hottest signals won't overload the circuitry (such as when placed in an amp's effects loop or after overdrive/distortion/gain pedals).  In short, the PV-1 was designed to be the most powerful, musical and versatile 100% analog phaser on the market.

Don't let all those knobs intimidate you - the PV-1 is easy to dial in even if you're used to a one-knob phaser.

  • Covers the frequency sweep and notch characteristics of the classic phasers with extended SPEED and DEPTH control ranges.
  • A WAVE control that lets you adjust from square wave, through sinusoidal, to traditional triangular modulation.
  • A RES control that dials in the internal resonance feedback from 'script' to 'block' levels.
  • A MIX control that lets you go from dry to subtle to maximum phase shift to full vibrato mode.
  • A CENTER control that adjusts the frequency center of the phase oscillation, allowing you to apply the effect to any frequency band you wish.  You can have phase shifting only on the trebles, mids or bass, the entire audio frequency spectrum, or anything in between.
  • Optical phase modulation for a smooth, natural sounding frequency sweep with much higher headroom and lower distortion than JFET and OTA based phasers.
  • True bypass
  • All AXiom pedals are individually handmade with manually screen printed graphics.  Each pedal will have minor variations that make it unique.


SAMPLE 1 - Clean E7 Chord


Phase-Vibe PV-1 - Block logo setting: MIX=PHASING, RES=10, CENTER=7.2, SPEED=5, WAVE=TRI, DEPTH=7.3