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If you're a Uni-Vibe fan you've probably noticed you have a few basic options when it comes to vibe pedals:  True Uni-Vibe clones, phaser-based vibes, and digital modelers.  Modelers are dependent on the sophistication of their algorithms, which varies and is a matter of debate.  Phaser-based vibes, while generally cheap and convenient, don't produce the deep, pulsing throb that is the hallmark of a true Uni-Vibe and, in reality, they sound more like glorified phasers than vibes.  And true clones which, while many capture the classic throb of a real Uni-Vibe, they all depend on a famously unreliable lamp and driver circuit, they can't run on a 9V battery and often require special power adapters (and most usually only give you control over a few parameters - speed, intensity and volume).

The AXiom Omega-Vibe OV-1 was designed to address all of that.  The Omega-Vibe can nail the asymmetric heart-beat like throb of a vintage Shin-ei Uni-Vibe, it's 100% analog, and it runs on a 9V battery or any standard effects pedal 9V adapter.  It features a powerful oscillator section that not only precisely reproduces the asymmetric skewed sine wave lamp response of the classic Uni-Vibes but also gives you control over lamp BIAS (which is set at the factory in Uni-Vibe clones and controls how intense the effect is) and lamp AGE (lamps slowly dim and change from a fast to slower thermal response as they age).  The standard INTENSITY, VOLUME and SPEED controls function exactly as one would expect for a Uni-Vibe type pedal but with enhanced operating ranges as compared to Uni-Vibe clones.  Furthermore, there's a MIX control that allows you to adjust the level of dry to effected signal - all the way from completely uneffected, through chorus to full vibrato.  And, perhaps the best feature of all, is the CHARACTER control that allows you to set the Omega-Vibe to the smooth even low-end sweep of the late 1960s Uni-Vibes or the more intense heartbeat-like pulse of the 1970s units.

So how did we do it?  Let's just say we started with the original Uni-Vibe circuit (and quickly discovered the schematic that was supplied with the original Uni-Vibe manual and is now widely available on the internet is not accurate for all eras of original Uni-Vibes), reverse engineered it, added a hefty dose of mathematical analysis, modeling and extensive bench testing and discovered some very little known facts about what makes a true Uni-Vibe make its magic.  The Omega-Vibe can authentically produce practically any Uni-Vibe sound you can imagine, from vintage to modern, mild to intense, new lamp to old, smooth 1960s sweep to '70s double throb, hot biased lamp to cold-biased... and it runs on 9Vdc and consumes less power than some overdrive pedals.

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • Authentically produces the frequency sweep and asymmetric throb of the legendary Shin-ei Uni-Vibe (with adjustable parameters that can capture the different varieties of original Uni-Vibes and beyond)
  • A CHARACTER switch that lets you go from 1960s spec Uni-Vibes with a smooth low-end sweep to the 1970s Uni-Vibes with their deeper heartbeat-like throb.
  • A MIX control that lets you blend the dry signal with the effected signal for subtle to maximum chorus or vibrato effect.
  • A lamp BIAS control that mimics the effect of a cold to hot biased lamp.
  • A lamp AGE control that mimics the response of a new lamp with a fast thermal response to an old lamp with a slower response.
  • Enhanced ranges of SPEED, VOLUME and INTENSITY compared to traditional Uni-Vibe clones.
  • 14-18 mA current draw @ 9Vdc
  • Matching color LED indicator so you can see which pedal is on even on a dark stage
  • True bypass