Omega-Vibe OV-1
Omega-Vibe OV-1
Omega-Vibe OV-1
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Omega-Vibe OV-1

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The OV-1 is being replaced by the OV-2:

AXiom Omega-Vibe OV-2


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Note About Power Supplies

If you're a Uni-Vibe fan you've probably noticed you have a few basic options when it comes to vibe pedals:  True Uni-Vibe clones, phaser-based vibes, and digital modelers.  Modelers are dependent on the sophistication of their algorithms, which varies and is a matter of debate.  Phaser-based vibes, while generally cheap and convenient, don't produce the deep, pulsing throb that is the hallmark of a true Uni-Vibe and, in reality, still sound more like phasers than vibes.  And true clones which, while many capture the classic throb of a real Uni-Vibe, they all depend on a famously inconsistent and sometimes unreliable lamp and driver circuit, they can't run on a 9V battery and often require special power adapters, and typically give you control over only a few standard parameters - speed, intensity and volume.

The AXiom Omega-Vibe OV-1 was designed to address all of that.  The Omega-Vibe can nail the asymmetric heart-beat like throb of a vintage Shin-ei/Univox Uni-Vibe, it's 100% analog, and it runs on a 9V battery or any standard effects pedal 9V adapter.  It features a powerful oscillator section that not only precisely reproduces the asymmetric skewed sine wave lamp response of the classic Uni-Vibes but also gives you control over lamp BIAS (which is set at the factory in Uni-Vibe clones and controls how intense the effect is) and lamp AGE (lamp light response changes as the bulb ages).  The standard INTENSITY, VOLUME and SPEED controls function exactly as one would expect for a Uni-Vibe type pedal but with enhanced operating ranges as compared to Uni-Vibe clones.  Furthermore, there's a MIX control that allows you to adjust the level of dry to effected signal - all the way from completely dry through chorus to full vibrato.  And, perhaps the best feature of all, is the CHARACTER switch that allows you to set the Omega-Vibe to the smooth, phasey sweep of the late 1960s Uni-Vibes or the more intense heartbeat-like throb of the 1970s units.

So how did we do it?  Let's just say we started with the original Uni-Vibe circuit, added a hefty dose of mathematical analysis, modeling and bench testing of the filters, oscillator and lamp behavior, and in the process discovered some very little known facts about what makes a true Uni-Vibe make its magic.  The Omega-Vibe can authentically produce practically any Uni-Vibe sound you can imagine, from vintage to modern, mild to intense, new lamp to old, smooth 1960s sweep to '70s double throb, hot biased lamp to cold-biased... and it runs on 9Vdc and consumes less power than some overdrive pedals.

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • Authentically produces the frequency sweep and asymmetric throb of the legendary Shin-ei/Univox Uni-Vibe (with adjustable parameters that can capture the different varieties of original Uni-Vibes and beyond)
  • A CHARACTER switch that lets you go from 1960s spec Uni-Vibes with a smooth, phasey sweep to the throbbiness of the 1970s units.
  • A MIX control that lets you blend the dry signal with the effected signal for subtle to maximum chorus or vibrato effect.
  • A lamp BIAS control that mimics the effect of a cold to hot biased lamp.
  • A lamp AGE control that mimics the changing light response as a Uni-Vibe bulb ages.
  • Enhanced ranges of SPEED, VOLUME and INTENSITY compared to traditional Uni-Vibe clones.
  • 23 mA current draw @ 9Vdc
  • Matching color LED indicator so you can see which pedal is on even on a dark stage
  • Individually handmade
  • True bypass



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Mark Boughter

    I’m a self-diagnosed modulation junkie. My first pedal was an Arion Phaser and it’s snowballed from there. I’ve always loved that warbly thump that I’d hear on the albums of my youth. However, I’ve been left a bit wanting with most of the univibes I’ve tried. That is until I’ve tried the Omega-Vibe.

    This is my favorite vibe. It’s got that heartbeat thump that I simply adore. The 60s/70s switch is excellent. You can turn up the intensity and age the bulb a little and get it just perfect.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this pedal.