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Speaker Cab Emulator SCE-1

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Speaker cabinet emulation devices can be broadly broken into two categories - analog and impulse responses (IR). IRs, while accurately capturing whatever cabinet and mic was used when the IR was taken, typically have very limited or no control options. They are fixed ‘snapshots’ of a specific cab and mic combination and if you aren’t happy with a particular IR you either have to accept it or search through a bank of IRs until you find one you do like. Analog speaker cab emulators, while often giving more adjustment options are also often too dark, too fizzy, not complex enough, too comb filter-ish, or just get something wrong in the frequency response somewhere.

The AXiom Speaker Cab Emulator SCE-1 is a 100% analog speaker cab emulator that gets it right because it was based on the frequency responses of over 100 speaker cab and mic combinations and the controls were meticulously designed to reproduce their major characteristics while providing extensive control over all the critical parameters.  It gives you control over the resonant frequency of the cab, the speaker size, mic angle and distance from the grille, the speaker baffle type (fixed vs. floating), cab construction style (open vs. closed back) and speaker magnet type (ceramic vs. alnico).

  • 100% analog circuitry
  • Based on the frequency responses of over 100 speaker cab and mic combinations.
  • True bypass