SCE-1 Update - 6/27/24

Another response from the Speaker Cab Emulator SCE-1:  The first graph is the "2x12 Black" setting from the Axe-FX (IR based on a 1960s Fender Twin with Jensen C12N speakers).  The SCE-1 was set to the corresponding settings.  Yes, I'm writing these down to make a "Sample Settings" chart. ;)




  • I did a search for the WEM Starfinder, and I haven’t found any IRs for it. I know that the 4X12 cabs that Gilmour is using are loaded with the Fane Crescendo 12A and I at least found some specs for it… Email sent with the infos. ☺️

    Martin V
  • The amp shouldn’t be too hard because I have the schematic for that. For the cab, though, I’d have to track down a frequency response or perhaps an IR…

    Casey (@ AXiom Effects)
  • I see that you’ve already done a cab sample setting for the SCE-1! Awesome work! How about adding the WEM Super Starfinder 200 4×12 with Fane Crescendo speakers for some Pink Floyd stuff, and also a Gilmour’s Custom Hiwatt 100/DR103 in the PAE-2 settings chart? A man can dream, can’t he? 🙂

    Martin V

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