PAE-1 Update... PAE-2

Yes, there's a reason PAE-1 orders are a bit behind and I haven't posted an update in a while. Customers have commented that a power amp emulator should have presence and resonance controls (and I agree), so here it is... the PAE-2. The prototypes have been built and tested and, if all goes well, the enclosure will cooperate and production will begin soon. Existing PAE-1 orders will be rolled over to PAE-2's and the cost will increase a minimal amount ($10-15 range). Stay tuned...



  • This is what I’ve been searching for!

  • This is awesome news!
    Casey, you’re the best!
    Jazzed to get mine!

    Krash Koblanski
  • Yes, it’s a sideways 1590BB. Luckily, there’s just enough room. ;)

  • Casey, you are a legend!! Can’t wait to get my pedal :)

    Leo Sunshine
  • Super stoked to get mine! Is that in a sideways 1590BB?


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