• Hi Vicki,

    I know I already replied to you via email, but in case anyone reading this is also wondering… Yes, the PAE-1 is an emulator pedal and not an actual power amp. It’s job is to make solid-state and clean power amps sound like cranked tube power amps. So if you want to run it through a speaker you need some sort of power amp. Some people use it with solid-state amps and some use it in the FX loops of tube amps to get the cranked sound without having to crank the amp. The other way to use it is direct with a cab sim. Though I’m sure people use them other ways too.

    Casey (@ AXiom)
  • Hello, very curious about AXiom Power Amp Emulator PAE-1. One thing I am a bit fuzzy on is how you would connect this directly to a speaker? From what I gather it is an emulator pedal and not an actual power amp? So if I wanted to run through a speaker as opposed to a cab sim I would still need a power amp? Anyway, please put me on the list for when the next batch is ready. Thank you.

    Vicki Silbert
  • Please contact me through the “Contact Us” page so I can add your requests to the list… or send an email directly to: admin@axiomeffects.com

    All I’ll need is your full name and email address so I can contact you both when it’s done.

    Casey (@ AXiom)
  • I’m on the waitlist but would it be possible to request the raw aluminum enclosure?

  • Hello good people at Axiom,

    I‘d like to buy a power amp emulator from you. I am located in Germany.
    Please let me know how to proceed.

    Best wishes,


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